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  • Universal Fit for Many Tablets With or Without a Case (Otterbox Compatible)
  • Spring Loaded Arm: 7 3/4 inchs minimum -to- 13 inches maximum when expanded
  • Thread Size: 1/4-20 Standard Metal Thread fit for any Camera Tripod You Already Use
  • Rubber Padding Protects Your Device From Scratches
  • Great for Sports, Coaches, Teachers, Musicians, Golfers, Businesses, Home, Office, YouTube Videos and more!

Product Description

Secure your iPad 1234 Air 12 Mini 123 or Any other Tablet to Any Camera Tripod you’re already using with the G10 Pro® Universal Tablet Tripod Mount Holder. Spring Loaded arms securely grab your tablet with or without a case while you film video, family photos, wedding photo booths, golf swings, coaches, athletes, tennis, real estate agents, businesses, YouTube videos and more. You provide the Tripod and Tablet, we provide the G10 Universal Tablet Tripod Mount Holder with 1/4-20 Threads!
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